Greek-Motif Coffee Cups

10 oz. "No. 110" by Premier Paper Manufacturing Corp., Mount Vernon, NY. Circa 1997

No. 110No. 110

This pearl reveals the secret of Discobolus. The question has been asked for centuries: "What possessed him to throw it?" Clearly holding the disc over the Olympic torch would cause some sensation of a burning or searing. Throwing the hot disc away would seem to immediately relieve Discobolus of such pain. It wasn't until years later that the event was officially added to the games.

Throwing or breaking plates is, to this day, an expression of happiness or pleasure in many Greek homes and establishments.

The "Premier 110" also gives us a clear glimpse of what is now a crumbling, double set of Corinthian columns from an as yet unidentified temple or structure. A double set. So far, the only occurrence of Corinthian columns anywhere in this medium.

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