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By Andy Levine

Greek-Motif Coffee Cups

Greek-motif take-out coffee cups are a familiar sight on the streets of New York.

These cups are generally free with a purchase of any hot beverage at most NYC delis, diners and bodegas and contain only Newtonian (gravity-style or drip) coffees. Don't expect to order a Fultonian (steamed) and get your free Greek-motif cup. Most Fultonian joints print their own cups. As a general rule, it is good to stay clear of these places.

Why the Greek motif? This question is answered pretty well by Jose Martinez.

A broad survey of these cups reveals a healthy range in size, color, graphics and text. Upon close analysis a few contiguous elements are apparent:


  • You should always expect to find some conjugated form of the verbTo Serve, as in "It is a pleasure to serve you".
  • Also look for some representation of classical Greek art or architecture.
  • Blue, usually with some golden-yellow elements in text, background and/or detailing, is the most occurring color.


The examples below were collected in an unscientific manner. Our hope is to provide only a cursory visual reference. In no way does this sample represent a complete archive of styles and sizes. Feel free to write if you discover a new species or artifact. Click on a cup to learn more about it!

? ? ? ?
Anthora Anthora Master BHC-10 No. 110
? ? ? ?
SMS-10 #2340 Greek Key Design 8HD

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