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The Eyes and Ears of Noel Ford!

New York Trash, in its ongoing effort to promote, explore, and identify the best trash available in downtown NYC, has asked me to write about bands and other stuff. Why me? I guess it's because I book the Continental and see lots and lots of bands. Anyway, I'll be telling you about new bands I like as well as writing about stuff that's on my mind, at least. OK?

I've seen a few bands lately that have been around for a while but have somehow gotten sorta lost in the modern music, tough girl, poppy-pop enviroment that we live in. They all have (or will have) new stuff available. Check them out.

These guys have been around for a while, though they don't play NYC very often. You may remember them as having a record produced by Lux Interior, of the Cramps. Well, they have a new cd out on Flipside called Get Your Ta Ta's Out , recorded live in New Orleans. It fucking rocks. These guys are just real sleazy, reveling in songs like Porno King and My Underwear. Singer Freddy (aka Stinky) Sonobuoni is the kind of guy you try to keep your sister away from. John Waters wishes he could be as sleaze-ola as Stinky. The band is awesome, Eddie Cochring on guitar, Pete Moss on bass and Malcolm Tex on drums. Yeah.

Yep, those guys who had the southern rock thing on MTV a few years ago. They played at Continental a few times over the summer and I thought they were better than ever. A bunch of new songs with cool mutant metal blues feel. These guys developed in the East Village back in the '80s and have pretty much remained true to their vision of boogie as the only real world beat music. They have a new album out, Sing Monkey Sing, on American.

The most recent spawn of the NYC gutter-punk CBGB 70's scene. The Lures consist of ex-Heartbreaker Walter Lure, Murphy's Law guitarist Todd Youth, best drummer in the world Joe Rizzo, and all-around cool Japanese guy EZ on bass. Those who know say that the Lures do Heartbreakers songs better than the Heartbreakers did 'em, and they do. These guys all have lives so you never know which show will be their last one - they play together cause it's fun. Check
Continental's web site to find out when they're playing next. If you wanna hear some stuff at home to get ready for the show, any Heartbreakers record or the Waldos cd Rent Party will do the trick.

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