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Cool Websites!

Here are some Websites that we think kick ass!!


Cuervo Gold
Margarita heaven! Play the blender game, or go on a road trip and win stuff.

If you keep forgetting your phone number, this site helps you find out what it spells.

Ask Isadora
Fun advice column on relationships, sex, strange perversions, etc.

SANRIO Home Page
Hello Kitty and friends, now in English!

The 80's Server
Whether you loved or hated the 80s, visit the land of new wave and valley girls once more.


MacIntosh Music Festival
Plug in to the event that's going to take over NYC, great line-up of bands.

Irving Plaza
Find out what's on at this great NYC venue.

Michael Schmidt's way hip Friday nightspot.


Deborah Harry
The latest on one of rock's most original divas.

Bongload Records
From the burnouts who brought you Beck, check out this label's fun site.

New York Loose
One of our favorite hometown bands does good, check them out.

Shop for your next guitar on the web.

Sun Studio
The Birthplace of Rock & Roll - from Nashville to the web.

Shockwave galore rules at this ultra-hip site.

Get your band signed online!

The Psychobilly Home Page
Check out great bands, events, and all things rockabilly/punk.

Paul Westerberg
Page for one of the best songwriters around.

Guitar World Online
Good music mag, with cool interviews and the requisite lyrics and music for bad metal songs.

Addicted To Noise Music News of the World
All the latest industry dirt, worth checking out daily.


Atomic Books Catalog
Shop for some very cool stuff: pin-ups, sleaze, weird books and 'zines.


Alley's homepage
Visit the online home of Goth queen and designer extraordinare, Alley Rutzel.

Blackie's Homepage
Tubes, rods, and more from this ultra-cool cat.

Jim Bixler
Web utilities and pics from


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