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The Vinyl Preservation Society

You seem to be everywhere. Didn't I catch you leafing thru my record collection, when last I left you alone in the living room? And what did you find? The window to my spirit. As if you didn't know...

The Vinyl album is the Rosetta Stone of our age, veritably Moses' tablets, sacred and ancient. Everyone has cassettes and CD's, but to pursue someone's record collection...really, that is the true key to a person's soul. It's what someone KEPT in life, what was important. They are a tactile, analogue experience. The ability to que a needle to a specific track with pinpoint accuracy is sublime. No fast forward or rewind buttons (the mantra of the new age), just lay disk down, look for the shiny band between tracks, and gently put the needle in. Ohhh, yeah...Instant, powerful.

Cassettes and CD's are digital approximations of sound. Albums, however, are ANALOGUE, a stylus in vibration, sexy, very personal, very real. Scratches are cool. Roadmaps of our lives, and we tend to remember how they got there (wild sex? ecstasy?). Like scientists monitoring background noise in the universe, an accoustical remnant of our age. Every album discarded, left in the sun, warped or broken, is another grain of magical sand leaked from the hourglass of our age, our lives. Big business would like nothing more than the last album be destroyed, by certified executioners, videotaped as proof of it's death.

Don't let this SHIT happen. We at the Vinyl Preservation Society have seen the future, and it seems to be binarily inscribed, like a bad credit report. Fight the silicon beast. Join the Vinyl Preservation Society. And buy albums wherever you can. DO NOT consign vinyl to the dust bin of history...never go quietly into the Black Night. What the FUCK is important to our lives anyway?

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